Friday, April 11, 2008

General feedback thread

I'll be linking to this post from my websites, as a place for people to post comments not pertaining to any specific post here.


Anonymous said...

I wuold like to translate in french your website and i don't find any french contact as i have the same view that you.

Diane Vera said...

Three requests:

1) Please don't translate my entire websites. Please translate just several pages you especially like.

2) On each translated page, please include a link to the original English-language page.

3) Please be sure to link to the pages on my site, NOT the copy on The latter will be phased out.

One of the reasons why I'm asking you NOT to translate my entire site, but just some parts of it, is that you don't seem to know English very well. If someone is going to translate my entire site from English to French, I would prefer that it be someone who knows both languages very well.

asudarkdreams said...

Hello, this is my first post (question) so I hope it has not been asked too many times before. Since most occult books have been written or watered down by RHP authors, can you send me some recomondations? I just can't seem to find anything "different" at the stores I usually shop at.

Diane Vera said...

I've replied in a separate post: Recommended books for theistic Satanists and LHPers.

Nichijo said...

Greetings Diane,

Remember me? I was checking out your website and noticed your changeover to Blogs in lieu of e-Groups. I would like to participate in your experiment by offering my blog for your Theistic Satanism Blog Network. If you recall, my views are a bit different from most. Righ now it contains mostly essays that I had written years back. they have been edited afresh for the blog. Please have a look and let me know if my blog cuts the Theistic Satanism mustard. I would love to be part of your community. Here is the blog:

In Light and Life,
Lucero Terrestre

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,

I am an aspiring author of atheistic lean. I am writing a story, possibly a novel, whose hero happens to be a Satanist. My problem is, I know very little about Satanism. I have no intention of painting either a pro-Satanist or an Anti-Satanist portrait, merely a picture into the life of a man with absolutely no idea what the answers to life are, but who found some solace within the internet community of Satanism. I picture him seeing Satan as more of a Prometheus-like figure, guilty only of handing man fire, as it were, and villified ever since.
I was wondering if I could either pick your brain, or if you could recommend a particularly strong message board where I would be able to discuss ideas with people who regard Satanism in that kind of light. Thanks a lot, and feel free to use my e-mail.

Jeremy said...

Just dropping by to say hello and to give kudos to you for your awesome site. I've found it very enlightening and educational.

I've got a blog at and would like to discuss your theistic satanism blog network. I believe my email is on my account, but if not, then it is

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Norman the Terrible said...

Sorry to bother you, but there is such a dizzying amount of literature on this subject on the Internet, and I am getting quite tired, so I thought I might try the direct approach. Do you know of any significant Theistic Satanic groupings of organisations in the Southern UK, who have are (a) reasonably legitimate, and (b) easily contactable. I only ask because you seem to be something of an authority.

Anonymous said...


I am interested in joining the Church of Azazel.May I corespond with you privately?This is a serious request.Thank you for your time.

Brand said...


I am an anthropology student at a university in NJ and I am planing out research for the next year or two. I would very much so like to speak with yourself about my plans for this anthropological research. It need not be a formal meeting nor do i need huge amounts of your time at the moment. I am simply interested in establishing contact with Satanists over the next year so that I can begin to better formulate where I intend to take my research. I am sure you will have plenty of questions for me before anything happens so I'm more then prepared to speak with you via email if you'd like.

Thank you for your time and for considering my request.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question regarding the Black Goat Cabal and I was wondering if I could get a chance to speak with you? If you are busy I understand, there is no rush. Also, you could e-mail me if you want or if you prefer just respond. Thanks!

piggish said...

I'm a teenager, and my parents are very close-minded. My father never really raised me with a religion, but he believes that anything Christianity is against, should not be bought into his life, or mine. This isn't to as far a degree as to be against more main-stream religions, but he would never allow me to follow any "darker" (I say darker because that's how he sees it, not necessarily me) religions, let alone listen to anything to do with Satanism.

I was wondering if you knew of online scriptures that I could read, to gain more of an understanding. I read that I shouldn't consider a pact until I am in my twenties and have been a Satanist for many years.

Jesus said...
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ModernKnight said...

I am new to the subject matter however I was wondering where a good place to find someone adept to discuss privately an experience I had and help me evaluate?I had an incident years ago in Iraq and since then I feel like I have been gently guided towards study in satanism and demonolatry.I have been agnostic most of my life and by no means wish to offend anyone.So I suppose to sum it all up: Can anyone recommend a place for a newbie to talk to others about demonolatry?

Raven's Child said...

Hi I was just wondering what your views were on racism,antisemitism, and these types of issues that have been associated with modern satanism?

Diane Vera said...

To all: Please see my post titled Reply to miscellaneous old comments.

Crimsonwolf1134 said...


On the Infernal Middle Pillars ritual I am confused on the procedure. When you have another sphere at the nape of your neck and say CHORONZON, do you expand the sphere (while repeating the name) over the third eye or does the sphere move from the position on the neck to the third eye.

Michael Ronald said...


I read with interest your web site describing the 'Church of Azazel'.
I have known the entity Azazel for some years and I find your supposition that Azazel equates to Satan dubious at best. The scapegoat ritual has to do with atonement and nowhere in the Scripture does Satan have anything to do with atonement. The entity that does sacrifice and provide atonement is Jesus and therefore if you want to use The Bible to make an argument about what Azazel represents, you would do better to equate Jesus with Azazel.

In my experience the gods of Saturn and Venus are overwhelming forces which try to consume one, in contrast with Azazel, who will trade in Light.

93 93/93

Josh said...

I am somewhat scared by the ramifications - but my noumenous revelations regarding the reformation of the divine process appear to be more than idle visions - my retrospective investigations show that they cross-reference with and make sense of the Free Spirit Writers, and of our contemporary 'fictions' can ancient 'prophecy'

I am not interested in personal glory or renumeration, or I would have allowed a 'cult' to form long ago - but do have a strong desire to participate in bringing an end to dogmatic religion and consumerist capitalism through the synthesis of all branches of human knowledge. This can, in part, be achieved by the exposing of the mysteries, for it is clear that they are no longer to be concealed.

I am interested - with such information at your disposal (eg-the exact nature of the reformation of the Sephiroth) how would you disseminate it? Would you publish and stand back? Or treat the revelations as discrete linguistic 'ammunition', and create targetted 'weapons' aimed at particular individuals and organisations?

You can see how both approaches have their advantages. In the end everything must be public - perhaps it comes down to whether I would make more enemies or friends via the latter strategy?

As it is I have already channelled more than I will be able to type up in my lifetime, but I am considering breaking down this information into smaller discrete chunks.

I personally consider worship an absurd tool of organised belief systems, and I am both a Christian and a Satanist - what I mean by 'cross-referencing' in this context particularly refers to Blake and Crowley (Blake depicts an egg containing both Satan and Adam - Satan is the energy and Adam is the oredering principle that forms this energy - together this process IS 'Mankind'. I was not aware anyone else had this philosophy when I wrote 'Welcome home, Beelzebubjesus, you silly boy, the gestation period is over' etc)

I am very interested to discuss the questions of 'how not to form a cult' and 'how to disseminate revealed truth' without claiming personal specialness. WE are the last prophets at the end of time, I am just a writer and artist.


Chraq said...

Like some others have posted before I am deeply interested in learning more about CoA. This message is more to just be able to get in contact with you sooner. I'm aware of the main website and have read most of the main pages. I have sent a detailed message about my situation to your livejournal blog account. Also friended the myspace group though the last sign in was in april. I'm currently spending my time reading through emerging religion books and waiting for the copy of the satanic bible to come in.

John Madziarczyk said...

Hey, I'm a fan and have been for a while. Have you ever thought of turning your writings, and stuff by Stephen Bleach and Geifodd, into a print on demand and PDF book? I have experience putting such things together and would be willing to work with you folks to accomplish this, with nothing being in it for me except the knowledge that I helped the project along.

snrising7 said...

In looking around for good satanic resources on the internet I've stumbled onto a few. One of the most detailed sites is the joy of satan site. it has information pertaining to meditation,magik, and contacting demons that other sources just do not share! i was wondering what you guys think of JOS, I've heard some bad things about them. And i was wondering if anybody knew of any other Theistic satanist sources that provide as much info as JOS does.

Diane Vera said...

Yes there's another theistic Satanist group that provides at least as much info as JoS does: OFS Demonolatry.

Most of OFS Demonolatry's info is not on their website but in their books, which one must buy. But OFS Demonolatry does have an online forum too.

OFS Demonolatry's approach is closer to a standard traditional Western occult approach -- although, like JoS, OFS rejects the disrespectful attitude found in the grimoires.

To all who are drawn to JoS, I would recommend OFS instead. OFS's approach seems all-around saner to me and does NOT include JoS's neo-Nazism.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the right thread, since it's designated for general feedback. I just wanted to give my heartfelt thanks to Diane and anyone assisting her, for the many related sites and blogs I've found, especially They've really helped clarify certain issues for me and provided a wealth of information. Thanks!

markmagas said...

Good morning. I was doing a little research to find out how well satanic worship hoaxes,which I now know are often referred to as Satanic abuse, were. I was shocked to find no reference on

At any rate I stumbled upon your article on Wicca and found it fascinating. I love your scholarship. I may try to find some of those 19th century works that you sighted.

Unfortunately my interest is purely academic. I myself am a Deist. To me it does not matter if or whether God chooses to take any form or no from at all. I cannot dictate or limit God so if It chooses to be Jesus, Satan, Shiva or noting at all is immaterial to my belief system.

Nevertheless I thank you for your well written and scholarly writing.


markmagas said...

I tried to sign in on the guest book but I could not begin to figure out what was desired of me to in the verification process.

Torey said...

Generally I believe that your information is very good and you have done much to bring Theistic Satanism into a clearer light. The idea for people to join the various Yahoo! groups/forums (which I have no interest in) is good, but perilously confusing.

Diane Vera said...

To the person who asked about my "guest book": What guestbook? My site doesn't have a guest book. You must have my site confused with someone else.

About my Yahoo groups: I'm not running them anymore. They were closed down in 2007.

Kevin Staples said...

Could I get the publication information for your article, "About Demons", I need the Publication date and the date of the last time you updated the page, I am doing my Jr. Thesis Paper on Demonology and I need Citations for my Online resources. Any help in this aspect is highly appreciated.

Finn McMillan said...

Dear Diane
Thankyou for your ongoing efforts to continue the development of the LHP in the post La Vey religious world.
My situation is interesting - I am an ordained Chan (Zen) priest who has found the Eastern assumptions of spiritual/personal evolution finally too difficult to reconcile with my fundamentally LHP psyche.

I am curious as to why groups such as yourself (and the Temple Of Set, and the OTO to a lesser extent) appear as concerned as you do regarding the esteem in which the general populace hold you. I understand the human urge to recognition and respectability, and I also acknowledge that being able to relate harmoniously with your environment enables many expressions that a hidden or hostile stance would preclude, but nonetheless it tends to grate when an organisation that is ostensibly a champion of "elite" or evolutionary values is seen "currying favour", or appealing to, the common populace. Of course, if you do not see Satanism as representing evolutionary values, then there is no problem. However, if you do, then I can only reiterate my sense of discord between this evolutionary assumption and the apparent urge to assimilate with the mainstream, especially politically and morally.

I consider many dichotomies little more than the bias, ignorance or laziness of their proponents, and more often than not reflect a simple problem of semantics rather than substance. That being the case, I am suspicious of apparent absolute dividing lines between such concepts as RHP and LHP, or "theistic" versus "atheistic". My personal take is that the substance of a Deity must include both; if the premise of Deity is not recognised it cannot be theistic, but if it cannot be also recognised as a pervasive energy, of a unique character which contains both transcendent and imminent affect, then it is hardly any sort of "symbol" or "principle". Thus, I would say I appreciate and recognise the possibility of a "separate Deity" (such as Satan) but am happy to accept that God form represents the imagination and creation of Man, enlivened by the real divine power represented thereby. Basically, an archetypal image housing an imageless archetype. Make sense? How would my viewpoint resonate within your understanding of "theistic Satanism"?

One further question, if I may - there appears to be great overlap between various groups that you, in particular, seems to be associated with. What would be the considerations of difference between, say, seeking affiliation with the Black Goat Cabal and the Church of Azazel? I'm sure I should have been able to get that information on line but I seem to have got myself caught in some sort of loop between the two. I live in Australia where we don't seem to have the sort of conditions which seems to have led many American Satanists into something of an "Abrahamanic focus - so the impulse to take on the Abrahamanic fundamentalists is not much of a concern to many of us. I also have an extensive history researching and practicing magickal systems, and have run workshops on a variety of magickal topics. Does these factors impact on whether I should consider BGC or CoA?

(By the way Diane, I hope I don't sound pompous and patroning if I say I think your written rituals are genuinely moving, and your thinking genuinely inspiring)

If you could comment I would be very grateful.


Raoul Bertel

Diane Vera said...

I've replied to Finn (Raoul Bertel) here.

CoyoteWalker said...

Ave Satanas! This is my first posting for this group, and as such it is merely and introduction of myself. I am a High Clergy of The Brotherhood of Satan and am here for networking and educational as well.
Hail Satan, Hail Lilith
HP Sir Coyote Walker of BOS

Kevin Staples said...

Hi, I posted something about my senior thesis paper on here a while back, I was wondering if you wanted to read over that, and perhaps allow me to put it online, throughout my research I haven't found much similar to it and I would like to share it with others, that is if you approve. Also I would like your opinion on the paper as I believe you are of this religion as well. oh and yes I do always speak and talk as I have in this short post...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I recently joined your Theistic Satanism forum, but it seems like it's been deserted since the year 2007. Do you have any other groups that are currently active?

Diane Vera said...

To Deady: See my reply here.

Unknown said...

Greetings Diane.
I would like to ask you if you could please share any knowledge that you might have regarding physical werewolves. Not the ones bound by mythology and superstition. From sources that I have chanced upon so far, they are generally unaffected by the full moon or silver. So does that mean that they lack superhuman abilities of physical regeneration? I have abandoned all pursuit of a normal (and sane) life to achieve this amazing ability, or rather, the mystical veil of glamor this more-than-a-man beast has become wrapped in. Is this all in vain?
From reading your viewpoints, I must say that other than they being the most logical and rewarding method of affiliating oneself with daemons, I believe that you will give me the truest answer to these most sacred questions regarding the “othernatural”.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Have you done a post about these people yet?

If so, I apologize for linking redundantly.

Crite65 said...

Greetings Diane:

Pam here... I JUST started a Satanic Blog on Goggleblog.My blog name is... Tenebre_parlare

And I was instructed to send it to you for perusal (I imagine). I have written my First post and while it may ramble a bit... I hope not, but I was tired when I wrote it... I am very proud of it. :)

Anyway I DO wish to join the "Online Congregation. So any help you could give would be great. :)


IAmTheSerpent said...

Hello, if you can, please check out my blog, and if you like it can you please add it to your theistic satanist blog network thats on your blog and your site? thank you for checking it out!

Calypso said...

Hello, I recently started my own Satanist/feminist blog, and I would like to be included in your blog network. Here is a link->

Lowpriest said...

Hey Diane!

I can see you're getting a lot of requests for posting blogs on your site, that's excellent!

S, if you like mine I would appreciate any feedback you could
give and if you think it's good enough could you add it to your List?

I'm trying to be as prolific as possible in my blogging so it should be very active, thanks for any reply!

Diane Vera said...

To Lowpriest:

You referred me to . That URL does not seem to exist. Maybe you mis-typed it?

louis syfer said...


Unknown said...

I have a question about Theistic Satanism.

So first of all, do you guys believe that demonic possession can actually happen? If so, why do you involve yourselves with demons, when they could also possess you? Are Satanists ok with people being demonically possessed? Not to be close minded but this has been bothering me for a while.

James said...

Hi Diane,

My son has gotten involved in Spiritual Satanism and we have had many conversations about how it works. Everything seemed reasonable and peaceful and I talk to my son about his faith all the time, but something has come to my attention that is alarming. There is a visceral hatred of "The Jews" on the site he frequents and there is heavy hate speech as well (reminds me of neo-nazi/nazi rhetoric). I was curious if this is a fringe Satanist group or if all the Satanist groups share this general view point toward "The Jews." I appreciate any light you can shed on this view.

Thank you,


James said...

Hi Diane,

My son has gotten involved in Spiritual Satanism and we have had many conversations about how it works. Everything seemed reasonable and peaceful and I talk to my son about his faith all the time, but something has come to my attention that is alarming. There is a visceral hatred of "The Jews" on the site he frequents and there is heavy hate speech as well (reminds me of neo-nazi/nazi rhetoric). I was curious if this is a fringe Satanist group or if all the theistic Satanist groups share this general view point toward "The Jews." I appreciate any light you can shed on this view.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I'm curious.. do you have an opinion/reaction/plan of action to counter such things as the threat to all freedoms as we know it--Christian Dominionism?

I recently watched this video on TheYoungTurks' youtube channel, an independent news channel run by an amazing team:
(I think you should give it a view, it will certainly rile you up)

And I'm absolutely horrified. As a theistic Satanist, I fear for the future and wonder if Lucifer's light will one day be blocked out by a merge of the Bible with the law. They have all the money, all the power, and with the direction America is headed in, they might just have the presidency soon.

Does this worry you as well? What should be done? I feel that as a Satanist, my voice wouldn't be heard even if I did try to speak up, considering that even atheists tend to have a negative view of us. Our religion is not respected. How can we speak up for freedom when most people believe we don't deserve it?

Kevin Staples said...

Hi James, I'm probably not the best source on theistic satanism out there, but from my experience and study not all theistic satanist groups or individuals are anti-semetics (neo-nazis or anti-Judaic) although this is found on and taught on many sites and is not entirely unwarranted as the persecution does go both ways, but that's besides the point. To be honest the main anti-semitic theistic satanist group i known of is and other sites their pages are linked to, theistic satanism is not quite what they teach as they're reactionary to a degree although they do by technicality teach theistic satanism. I would not say it is a "fringe site", but the dislike of jew and christian based beliefs is not because of dislike for the people but rather because we are persecuted targeted and told we are wrong by most of the population i would say although i cannot speak for everyone.

MCJ said...

Hi Diane , I just wanted to say thank you for your writings, they are part of the dark light hat is guiding me back