Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reply to miscellaneous old comments

I was away from this blog for about six months from the fall of 2008 until early this spring. When I returned, I found quite a bunch of comments awaiting moderation. A general response:

1) A few people asked about Jew-haters in the Satanist scene. My thoughts about them are here:
2) Several people wrote messages that implicitly requested a private email response. I do NOT automatically get the email address of people who post on this blog. If you want an email response, you'll need to post on one of my other blogs.

3) To the person who asked about Demonolatry: The best source is the OFS Demonolatry site. See especially their books, especially The Complete Book of Demonolatry.

4)To the person who asked about "scriptures": Don't look for "scriptures" in the sense of allegedly infallible revelations. Do not trust any such claims. Think for yourself, and study history and other scholarly information that may be relevant to your beliefs, or to things that you are contemplating believing.

5) I accidentally deleted a few comments. Apologies to those whose comments I deleted (other than span and other obviously inappropriate comments).

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