Thursday, April 23, 2009

Church of Azazel - some good news for a change

As of a month ago, here in New York, I've found a very passionate co-administrator for the Church of Azazel. So, perhaps we will, finally, begin to get it off the ground as a local group.

Another local group that I run, NYC Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and LHP Occultists, has been thriving lately too.

I've added the following to the bottom of various "Contact" pages on my websites:

My online activities are very intermittent, due to a hectic work schedule. I sometimes neglect my blogs for months at at time. If I do not promptly approve or respond to a comment you posted on one of my blogs, you may call my attention to it via Noelle, co-administrator of the Church of Azazel, via the Church of Azazel's Myspace page, which is run by Noelle.

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Kojot (Jaroslav A. Polák) said...

Dear lady,

I’ve discovered Your pages about theistic satanism and I think that they are really great, writtern with deep understanding of the theme, very reasonably and (which is rare) without seeking a conflict.
First I’d like to point one mistake: Hail Satan! in latin really is Ave Satanas! not Ave Satana. Where this mistake came from? Satanas in latin really comes to first declination (femina, -ae), but the vocative isn’t „Satana“ like „femina“, because the vocative is always the same as nominative. So the correct declension is: sg.: Satanas, Satanae, Satanae, Satanam, Satanas!, Satana / pl.: Satanae, Satanarum, Satanis, Satanas, Satanae!, Satanis. Since it is originally Greek word, the suffix –as can be in vocative put away, so „Ave Satan!“ is correct too.
I’ve consulted this with and scholat who is specialized on dead languages. Actually he is often asked by the czech magicians when they want to create ritual in babylonian, sumerian, latin... Juicy detail is that he is an od catholic priest, but he is really helpful ;)
If you hesitate to believe me, please ask anybody else’s opinion.
I’d like to ask you for permission to translate some of your essays to Czech and publish them on my weblog ( and on the pages of the Czech satanic church „First Czecho-Slovak Temple of the Satan‘s Church“ ( ). We are the independentn postlaveyan organization and we are focused on magickal practise, members are free to use that concept of Satan which suits them best. We are not nazi or animal sacrificing freaks or anything like that. Beginnings of the organized satanism in Czech Republic belongs to the early ninetees, the First Temple has a decennary history. So we aren’t some teenage blackmetal fans...
I think that your essays will be very helpful for the Czech satanism.
About my personal view of Satan. I think, that Satan is essentially protean, when I treat im as a symbol, he bacomes pantheistical power of life, when I thing about Him pantheisticcaly, he becomes a god. So I begin to treat Him as a god and He becames a symbol... So I think that I cannot proclaim myself neither as „symbolic“ nor as „theistic“ satanist.
Finally I apologize myself for my poor active English. I’m able to read and translate, but I’m not trained well for active usage of the language..

Ave Satanas! ;)