Monday, November 16, 2009

"Creed" for theistic Satanists? (to leon)

"leon" posted a comment which I thought I accepted, but apparently I inadvertantly rejected it. Luckily I was able to go back and capture the text. Here it is:

Hi D,

In your view, is there a need in theistic satanism for something like a "nicene creed" for the individual (or group)?

I'm busy researchng one for myself to have a concise statement of faith, but what sayeth u?

There's no one "Creed" that would work for all theistic Satanists. Beliefs are way too varied among us. I also don't think it's desirable to try to establish an orthodoxy for all theistic Satanists, since that would contradict the freedom and independent thought which, at least in theory, are an important part of what Satan stands for in most forms of Satanism.

But I think it's okay for individual Satanist groups to have their own creeds, to establish a sense of common purpose for the particular group. I just don't think that any such creed should be applied to theistic Satanism as a whole, with the attitude that those who disagree aren't "true Satanists."

The New York City proto-congregation of the Church of Azazel now has a short ritual that is somewhat Creed-like, although not a Creed per se: Affirmation of our common purpose.


 Vs. said...

I got the same question from the same person and i gave pretty much the same reply. I don't think a universal creed would work in Satanism because we don't all have the same way of expression, and we don't all have the same understanding of Satan or of Satanism.

A personal creed is a nice idea though.

Unknown said...

Hi there Diane,

Are there any good books on theistic satanism out there for a newbie to read?

I've been searching the net, but only so many things can be found online.


Unknown said...

The Idea of a creed for Theistic Satanism is an interesting one. Need I point out however that there is no consistant definition for "God" and this creed might begin with the meaning of the word 'Satan'. If anyone can do it you can. Before I saw your work I thought of my religion as an intellectual desert ( comes to mind. I can see that perhaps I was wrong.

The Satanic Antevasin said...

I agree with Captain Obvious that "creed might begin with the meaning of the word 'Satan'." which is the spot I think anyone coming into Satanism should be concentrating their studies. We come to satanism because we wish to stop lying to ourselves, so of course it's what we know of for absolute fact in history that makes our 'creed' and 'faith'.

Corbeau de Marais said...

I think it should go without saying that a creed is bound to be incompatible with the most essential premises of Satanism. Individuality is the cornerstone of the Left Hand Path; its tenets are defined by the perspectives of each of its individual adherents. The religions of the Right Hand Path devise creeds, and group affirmations of faith, quite specifically in order to conquer the Satanic tendency to antinomian thought and individualism in religion.