Saturday, November 14, 2009

Britney Spears and her hacked Twitter account

I just now ran across a bunch of stories about the hacking of Britney Spears's Twitter account on Thursday:

One of the above stories speculated that the hacker might be an actual Satanist or Devil worshiper. Also, Air America's copy of the AP story is titled Britney Spears' Twitter Account Hacked By Satanist -- although the AP story itself does NOT, itself, allege that the hacker was a Satanist. I think it's exceedingly unlikely that the hacker is an actual Satanist.

More likely, the hacker is just a prankster, or perhaps someone with a grudge against Britney Spears. Obviously, the hacker is someone familiar with grand conspiracy ideology, and was most likely hoping that grand conspiracy ideologists would keep the story alive forever, like the Proctor and Gamble "Satanism" hoax.

So far, the story does not appear to have been picked up by very many major media sites. And, as far as I can tell so far, even "conspiracy theorists" recognize that it's a hoax. In a story on Alex Jones's Prison Planet, a major purveyor of grand conspiracy ideology, it is acknowledged that "Chances are unless new world order and Illuminati are the names of indie bands, Brit has no clue what those terms mean. And as for the praise for Lucifer, everyone knows Britney doesn’t speak in tongues … she lip-synchs."

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