Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laurie Cabot, "expert" on "non-traditional faiths"? - blooper on animal sacrifice

The news story What washed up on the Keansburg beach? by Alyssa Passeggio (Bayshore Courier, New Jersey, U.S.A., May 9, 2008) reports the discovery of animal remains along Keansburg beach, including (1) garbage bags of headless chickens and (2) bones and hooves of deer, goat, or sheep. Cops think these are animal sacrifices and have arrested two Aborishas (Santeria practitioners).

The news story mentions a similar finding last year, on which Laurie Cabot (a well-known modern Pagan Witch) is paraphrased as blaming "a ritual performed by individuals practicing Santeria, San Paulo, Voodon or Satanism."

It's possible she was misquoted. But, if Laurie Cabot really did say "Satanism" or even "Devil worship," then she's utterly wrong.

The vast majority of Satanists, even most theistic Satanists, staunchly reject the idea of animal sacrifice. (See Animal sacrifice and Satanism on my page about Animal Sacrifice on my Theistic Satanism site.)

And the small minority of today's theistic Satanists who perform animal sacrifices would be unlikely to sacrifice chickens, sheep, and goats in particular, for reasons I explain here in my longer post on my LiveJournal blog: Laurie Cabot - willfully ignorant about Satanist views on animal sacrifice?

Anyhow, I also question the cops' claim that the recent New Jersey incident, in particular, has anything to do with a Santeria sacrifice. Garbage bags seem like a very non-traditional - and not very reverent - way to dispose of a sacrifice.

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Randya said...

Absolutely true. Though there are still sects of Satanism out there that do those types of things, they are not very popular anymore. By far satanism now days is most predominant when its members believe in no actual god nor satan what so ever. Not even as a symbol. Levy, and ONA are around, but simply are not the majority of satanists.

Does the trash bag thing mean that they weren't satanists of some sort? Absolutely not. When you do those sort of things you do what you have to when trying to cover it up lol.

The higher chance of them not being satanists lies in the fact that the media loves the word satanist, and will simply apply it for ratings. Not much unlike they even love to use the word christian or jew when something bad happens. The media is nothing but garbage, and should never be taken 100% seriously on anything at all. http://crazzilla.com http://crazzilla.blogspot.com