Thursday, June 16, 2011

Classic literary Satanist novel gets favorable review on Religion Dispatches website

Some good news:

Today the Religion Dispatches site published a favorable commentary on one of the classic works of literary Satanism, Revolt of the Angels by Anatole France, written back in 1914: Devil’s Bookmark: Sex and Drugs and Hating God by Bernard Schweizer, June 14, 2011.

Schweizer remarks: "What is interesting to me is the fact that Anatole France’s hatred of God — what I call an absolute misotheism, because it seeks to destroy God rather than wrestle and quarrel with him — is happily wedded to benevolent Satanism. ... He can do this under the guise of satire, which fits his discourse rather like a jester’s motley outfit."

Schweizer's article about Revolt of the Angels is the latest in a series of Religion Dispatches articles by Schweizer on "misotheism" - hatred of God.


Anonymous said...

δημιουργός, dēmiourgos, literally "public worker",

no wonder the dude was so crazy
he must have worked in the cosmic post office


Of course, without the Satan character the Bible would end with, "...and God created Eve for Adam and they lived happily ever after. THE END"