Thursday, May 5, 2011

To all who send me friend requests on Facebook

To all who send me friend requests on Facebook:

Hi! As you may know, I'm the founder of two in-person Satanist groups that meet in New York City, and I'm the author of a well-known website on theistic Satanism.

There are other ways I prefer to get to know people via Facebook, rather than via my Friends list. I have chosen not to accumulate a huge "Friends" list of people I don't yet know. But you're welcome to interact with me on Facebook in one or more of the following other ways:

1) One of the best ways for us to begin interacting on Facebook would be for you to "Like" and then post on my public page: Diane Vera, polytheistic Satanist in NYC. To enable yourself to post on my page, you'll need to click the "Like" button at the top of the page.

2) You're also invited to join either or both of the following Facebook groups, if they interest you: (a) Watching Satan's avowed enemies (about anti-Satanist panic mongers and the Christian religious right wing) and (b) Counter-Evangelism (a place to brainstorm literature to counteract the fundamentalist mindset; and also a place to share ideas on how to cope with any evangelizing Christians - or Muslims, etc. - in our lives.)

3) If you live in or near New York City, or if you travel to NYC now and then, you are invited to join the Meetup groups and Facebook groups/pages listed on the following page of my Theistic Satanism site: Attention, New Yorkers!, and to meet me in person at a public meeting of one of these groups.

4) For other ways to contact me, off of Facebook, please see: the contact info on my Theistic Satanism site.

I prefer to limit my Friends list to people I already know. But you and I can get to know each other via your participation in one or more of the above-mentioned Facebook groups/pages, or via my blogs, if you would like. We can then become Facebook "friends" later, after some interaction via one or more of the means mentioned above.

Finally, to ensure your ability to stay in touch with me via my Facebook pages and groups, please read the following:

Have you noticed that you are seeing updates or getting comments from only the same people lately? That's because FB made a change. You see posts only from people you've interacted with recently, not from everyone on your Friends list, nor from all the pages you "Like". To change this, scroll down to the bottom of the "News Feed" on the homepage and click on 'Edit Options,' then click on 'Show Posts From' and change the setting to 'All Of Your Friends and Pages'.

Even then, your "News Feed" still will normally show updates only from your friends, NOT from the pages you've liked. To see updates from pages, go to this page instead of your normal "News Feed." Or, on your normal "News Feed" page, click "Most Recent" (next to "Top News" at the top of your "News Feed"), then click the drop-down menu to the right of "Most Recent," then select "Pages." PLEASE LET ALL YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT THESE CHANGES TO FACEBOOK.

I look forward to hearing from you by the means mentioned above.

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BeautifulSadist said...

Thanks for the information. We used to interact on your Yahoo Groups, but I never quite figured out the networking via Blogger or Wordpress.