Monday, February 1, 2010

Information resources for new and prospective members of the Church of Azazel

To the Church of Azazel main site, I've added the beginnings of a collection of Information resources for new and prospective members of the Church of Azazel, including the following new pages:

The second of the above pages includes a section on Theology and occult background of various Satanisms, with collections of links to sites about various aspects of the Western occult tradition.

I've also added a page Epistemology: What can we know about the spirit world, and on what basis?

In reply to this post, I would appreciate comments on any of the above, or suggestions for further resources to list.


The Satanic Antevasin said...

it slightly saddens me that nobody seems to define Satanism as "he who opposes"

sean mac said...

I think the section on other satanic pagan and occult religions is an exilent addition to this website it is very informetive to the satanic noob (me) that is trying to reserch and find there own path. I think the church of azazel is one of the best left hand paths out there, i have been studyin lot of pagan religions on line for a few years and consider CoAz one of the most inlightend! i especaly like the rising gods of the west pantheon!

Alan said...

This collection of information will be helpful.

Perhaps this collection of information for prospective members should contain a link to information about how to become an actual member, such as the "how to join" information at

I guess this depends on what you see as the difference in purpose between the new collection and the Church's "home page" at

Thank you for the Theistic Satanism site.

Finn McMillan said...

As ever Diane,some very valuable information there for prospective querents. I continue to be impressed by your academic diligence and clearly genuine commitment to understanding and communicating Satanism.
I would appreciate it though if you could elaborate on the brief comments made regarding the Chaos metaparadigm and the CoA paradigm. Does the CoA have a specific approach to training and development of specifically magickal techniques and technology (such as Chaos techniques, or Church of Satan and Temple of Set techniques) or is it more a devotional/religious focus, with individual members left to research and practice "on their own", as it were.