Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Norwegian Black Metallers grow up

This past week, the Village Voice published Peter Beste and the Many Shades of Black Metal by Annie Fischer, June 3, 2008, a review of True Norwegian Black Metal, a large-format coffee-table book of photos by Peter Beste, published by Vice Books.

Back in the 1990's, the Norwegian Black Metal scene was notorious for murders and church-burnings. (See various pages linked in the section on Maniacal musicians in my article Tabloid prophecy fulfillers: Satanism's real-life criminal fringe: How should law-abiding Satanists respond? on my website Against Satanic Panics.)

The Village Voice quotes Beste as saying:

"In comparison to the early behavior, they aren't terribly violent anymore," he says. "They maintain similar [political and social] views, but they just . . . well, I think they mostly just kind of grew up. They saw that burning churches didn't really serve a purpose — if anything, it made the Christian community stronger. To rid Norway of Christianity . . . it's just not a realistic goal."

I'm glad they now realize that burning or otherwise vandalizing churches serves no valid purpose whatsoever. Indeed, if the point is to attack Christianity, it's completely counterproductive even in terms of that goal, for exactly the reason Beste mentioned: It just makes the Christian community stronger, if anything. I too made that very same point several years ago in my article The purpose of blasphemy in Satanism on my Theistic Satanism website.

Private rites of blasphemy can be a good catharsis. But there is no good reason to destroy or damage other people's property in the name of Satan or Satanism.


me said...

Hello. I am a big fan of black metal, most especially the second wave. :)

I have a favor to ask. I am intriuged by your Theistic Satanism page, though I am an agnostic. It portrays Theistic Satanism in a light that does not make me uncomfortable.

However, have you ever visited this site?:

This is quite a startling and extreme anti-Semetic,conspiratorial Theistic Satanist website. I'm asking your opinion on some of what the author says, and if it is true or false; and, if most Theistic Satanists believe the same things, or not.

First, please visit the link called 'Exposing Christianity' and read it at your leisure. Most specifically, please read the links, "The New World Order and the Christian Churches:
The Judeo/Christian Churches are and always have been behind this- "Satan" is only used as a distraction!" and "The Bible: A Jewish Conspiracy and Hoax on the Gentiles."

Please also read the front page, and especially the "Welcome" link. Browse the rest of the site at your own accord, if you wish.

Anyways, I would highly appreciate it if you read this website's take on Theistic Satanism and gave me your honest opinion about it. I will check back on this blog for your response. This is important to me, as the linked website gives an extremely frightening (and conspiratorial) view of Theistic Satanism. If this is inline with Satanic doctrine, then I will not complain. I am just curious and would like your honest opinion on this website, its claims, and whether or not it is credible and why (if you have the time).

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well i am glad to hear of this development . Just because one believes in satan does not give one the right to infringe on others belief systems . In fact not only is it counter productive as you say in your article , but in my opinion it shows a weakness on the satanists part as those with real power of their convictions and beliefs do not have to force that power on anyone else . True power is comfortable just being . It does not need to force it's point home , only the weak need to show their power to reinforce themselves . The strong know what they can do so do not have to make any overtely show or statements to prove themselves for they are comfortable in themselves . It's about time that satanists have started to grow up and realise this fact!.

arvo said...

Hello, this is my first time reading your blog but I am very interested in your views on theistic Satanism. As per your blog on Norwegian Black Metal, I was suprised to hear that these "extreme" musicians feel remorse for the crimes they commited all those years ago. Perhaps Black Metal has lost its driving force. Or perhaps the artists in question are moving on to a more mature school of thought. Young men and women with passion for their beliefs will always perform acts of passion; it is to be expected. To see rebelious thought in a learned mind though is an amazing thing and I think that is what we will see from these musicians in the coming years, even from legends like Varg.

Unknown said...

HAIL SATAN!HAIL DIANE VERA!HAIL ALL! Dear Diane: My name is Joseph Froton. I am a member/moderator of the I thank you for your research of FACTUAL DATA regarding said stories of various crimes committed in OUR LORD & MASTER'S name, i.e.,SATAN,in independant renegade Euro Satanic affiliations.I too found this quite concerning. I say, why lower ourselves to actions that remind me of past christian actions that eventually led to The Inquisition? I totally agree in regards that we Satanists who sincerely serve & worship Satan have much reverence for life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, as outlined in The Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights here in The States and I will never endorse such behaviors unless out of ABSOLUTE SELF PRESERVATION. I am somewhat hmmd' by the fact that I appear thus far to have been the first commentator on this issue. Best Regards, AVE SATANAS! Joseph Froton