Saturday, June 9, 2007

Theistic Satanism blog network

I hope soon to launch a blog network for discussion about theistic Satanism and related matters. It will probably be at least another month before I'm ready to roll, because it will take me a while to finish writing the needed script.

In the meantime, I would appreciate it very much if interested people could (1) experiment with blogs on one or more of thg blog hosts we'll be using, (2) email me the URL's of your blogs, and (3) begin using network tags, so that, when the network script is ready, there will be posts ready to display.

Once the script is finished, there will be pages on my Theistic Satanism site containing automatically updated lists of recent posts with particular tags on all member blogs, one such page per tag. For more information, please see my pages about the Theistic Satanism Blog Network.

I would very much appreciate comments on my drafts of network policies.


Gail Garrow said...

In #7. where you suggested that when one quotes a post of theirs or another that one place a link to it in the post. I am assuming each Blog post as a link which is the URL in the address window. I know how to create a link in a post. I have not created a link in one of these comments yet.

As a side note, for newbie Bloggers, here is a link to Googles Beta Blogger - Blogger Guide for Dummies. It looks handy and I'm checking it out now.

Also I have a question. Are the network tags the ones that appear at the right on your network page or are the tags the actual name of your defacto Blog pages?

I need to be clear on this so I can tag my Blog's posts. TY


BeautifulSadist said...

This is going to be interesting. I guess I'm a stick in the mud because I really like the Yahoo Groups form, but I'll get used to it.

On my blog profile, I posted a link to your website and listed it as "Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism Site"...I hope this meets the requirement of linking back? I'm a newbie so PLEASE bear with me!

My husband and I will be working on more of this over the weekend when we make a trip to the library.

Diane Vera said...

Hi, BeautifulSadist! Could you please email me the URL of your blog? (Please be sure to include "Theistic Satanism Blog Network" in the subject line, to help me distinguish your email from spam.)

Diane Vera said...

P.S. to previous commnet:

I really would like the link back to the Theistic Satanism Blog Network page to be on a side panel, not just on a profile page. Once you send me the URL of your blog and let me know which blog host you're using, I may be able to help you figure out how to put a link list (or "blogroll") on your side panel.

As for the earlier comment by MizzCrowley, she and I discussed here questions on the phone, since her questions were too confusing to me to answer as a comment. (It turns out that she had confused the blog network page with the main page of this blog itself, among other points of confusion.)

Sandy said...

I do not oppose the ability of you to spread your beliefs anymore than I oppose the ability for me to spread my beliefs.

Blog surfing, btw.

Amdusias said...

can we post a blog on your blog network in another language intstate of english for example i have a blog page wich is not complately about theistic satanism but has same test about it in turkish translations..

Nico said...

Is this blog still active or has it moved? It doesn't look like there's been an update in seven months?

Nico said...

It doesn't look like this blog has been updated in seven months, is it still active, or has it moved?